Welcome to part two of “what’s the life expectancy of these 5 appliances”.  We covered the first 5 appliances in part 1 here.  With the help of my new favorite magazine, HGTV, we’ll touch on a few others that get quite a bit of use each week.  Follow the tips below each one to help your appliance to max out its lifespan.


10-14 years life span.
♦  Clean the coils that protect the refrigerator’s compressor with a vacuum once or twice a year.
♦  Periodically test the door seals to make sure cold air isn’t escaping, which makes the machine work harder than it should.
♦  If your fridge is struggling to stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not functioning as well as it should and your energy bill may even reflect this.
♦  Almost every part on the refrigerator is replaceable or repairable, but not the cooling system.  If that goes, you’ll need a new fridge.


13-15 years life span.
♦  Check the filter every two months to make sure nothing is blocking it.  If there is a block, it would prevent the dishwasher from draining properly.  The filter is usually at the floor of the machine, under the bottom rack.

Vacuum Cleaner

5-7 years life span (Although ours has lasted longer – maybe we don’t vacuum enough.  Hmm). ♦  Clean the filters after every few uses to make sure nothing is blocking the nozzle, hose or entry to the bag.


13-16 years life span.
♦  Wipe up messes right away.  (Ooops).  Spills on the burner can prevent proper gas flow on gas ranges, and they can cause a fire on electric models.
♦  Spills in the oven can smoke or even ignite.


6-8 years life span
♦  Empty food particles after every use.  Food particles left inside will impact the overall performance of the toaster.  Burnt toast anyone?
♦  Wipe your toaster down to remove any oils from types of bread, bagels, waffles, etc.  Lingering oils could spark a fire.
♦  Store your toaster in a dry place.  Too close to the faucet or stove could result in excess moisture & harm to the toaster.

How long have the above appliances lasted for you?  Have you any tips to share?

– S.O