If you’re like me, your day to day activities are so rushed and tied to the clock that you probably don’t stop to think – “When did I purchase this washing machine (that I seem to stand in front of every day of the week)”.  With the help of my new favorite magazine, HGTV, I thought it a great opportunity to share with you the life expectancy of the following, arguably, most used household appliances.  Follow the tips below each one to help your appliance to max out its lifespan.

Washing Machine

8-12 years life span.
♦  Make sure it’s level so it doesn’t rock.  Excess rocking can damage the motor.
♦  Empty pockets so sharp objects don’t end up in the wash.  Sharp objects can cause cracks in the drum walls which can lead to leaks.
♦  Use the amount of detergent the manual suggests – never more.


10-12 years life span.
♦  Clean the lint screen after every load.
♦  Clean out the vent duct and the inside of the dryer’s front panel at least once a year.  You may want to hire a professional for this task.
♦♦  We’ve talked about this in previous blogs such as this one where we point out it also prevents your dryer from catching fire.

Vacuum Cleaner

5-7 years life span (Although ours has lasted longer – maybe we don’t vacuum enough.  Hmm).
♦  Clean the filters after every few uses to make sure nothing is blocking the nozzle, hose or entry to the bag.


7-10 years life span.
♦  Always use microwave safe cookware to prevent overheating.
♦  Wipe spills right away to keep the turntable rotating properly.

Coffee Maker

5-10 years life span
♦  Empty the grind basket and rinse it after every use.  Grinds can block water flow.
♦  Once a month, run a normal brew cycle with no grounds and a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water.  Follow up with two cycles of plain water.
♦♦  We use our coffee maker EVERY day and it never lasts more than a year or two.  But, we don’t run the solution through it every week.  I’m guessing we may get a little more life out of this hard working appliance if we ran the vinegar solution through.  I’ll keep you posted.

How long have the above appliances lasted for you?  Have you any tips to share?

– S.O