When the snow was falling last Sunday, it sure looked pretty.  Unfortunately what occurred all over the city was not so pretty.  Many families experienced loss of power, frozen pipes and pipes bursting.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems as a result of the snow, ice, and changing temperatures, we can help.

We are a full service cleaner and we are able to clean most of your wardrobe and household items including shoes, rugs and specialty items such as leather.

Within the last week, we received many calls from customers who either are unable to do laundry at home or the laundry load is too overwhelming as they work to clean up the mess from interior pipes bursting.  One of our customers recently had 20 pairs of shoes affected by water.  It just took a call to Tommy, our route manager, and he was able to pick up the shoes and speedily get them in to be cleaned & sanitized.  This will save our customer hundreds of dollars by not having to replace the shoes.

Another customer, unable to do laundry for over a week, was able to have all of her laundry cleaned, folded and returned to her neatly in recyclable bags via our Wash, Dry, Fold Service.

Year round we help customers save time with our free pick-up and delivery service and services such as our family wash.  We’re always here to help and we can help now with cleaning and restoring your items that became water damaged including salt damage on the cuffs of your pants.  Contact us now to arrange a pick-up.

– S.O