Water can be destructive whether it come from a pipe that’s burst in your home or a natural disaster.

If your wardrobe, drapery or linens have been affected by water damage, the ability to save them depends on the type of water and how long they’ve been wet. When water damage happens, it’s logical to address the cause and fix the problem first but while sucking up water and airing out the floors and walls, water and humidity could be damaging your garments and textiles (drapes, bedding, etc.).

When you assess your wardrobe and textiles for water damage, inspect each item individually. Determine the damage and if each item is worth saving. If you would like our help, we’re happy to pick up your items and help determine if they can be “like new” again.

If so, we will clean, decontaminate and sanitize your articles using our state of the art and Eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Although water damage is a devastating and frustrating situation to find oneself combating, Classic Cleaners is here to help ease a little of the pain with our Restoration Services.

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