Too many, they associate the Chelsea boot with the Swingin’ London scene, The Beatles, and other rock gods and royalty.

They are slip on (no laces), close fitting, ankle high boots with an elastic panel, a Cuban heel, and usually are made with leather or suede.  Dating back to the Victorian era they became an iconic element of the 1960’s in Britain’s mod scene.

They often have a loop of fabric on the back of the boot, enabling the boot to be pulled on. There is something undeniably cool about the Chelsea boot and the timeless style remains a wardrobe staple with its elasticized strip.

Chelsea boots are available in a dramatic range of styles and prices and work well with a suit as well as jeans.  Due to its ties to the sixties and beatnik/mod subcultures, it will look best when worn with skinny pants.

They look great with new contemporary fits such as the casual suit and even something more rock and roll like black skinny jeans and leather.

For tips on how to wear your Chelsea boots, check out a recent article from GQ Magazine:  Four things you should know before buying Chelsea boots.