Decorating for Thanksgiving might be one of the hardest holidays to decorate for since it’s just a month apart from both Halloween and Christmas, respectfully.  If you’re tired of the orange pumpkins & mums from early fall and Halloween – and the use of nick knacks aren’t your decorating preference – let us help you get creative and excited about decorating for Thanksgiving.

First, we know of free items you can use to decorate for Thanksgiving.  Take a peek outside and you’ll see lots of free, beautiful items you can use for Fall decor.

The use of twigs, clippings of flowering plants, colorful foliage, acorns, walnuts and more is an easy, inexpensive way to bring the beauty of Autumn inside for Thanksgiving decorating.  Fill small vases, or glass bowls and/or hurricane lamps with with your finds and place them throughout the house.

Use some of the colorful leaves you find to wrap your existing pillar candles and tie with twine.

And, hang acorns from some ribbon for an easy Thanksgiving wreath.

Secondly, next time you’re at the grocery store pick up some kale, pomegranates, apples and pears and use them to add an Autumn touch to existing mantle displays, glass vases, bookshelves, centerpieces, entry ways and end tables.

Lastly, many craft stores carry faux branches & flowers, birds nests, moss, burlap and much more.  Their websites offer ideas & sometimes they hold workshops on how to decorate for the season with items found in their store – like this display from Michaels.

Display faux pumpkins and gourds painted in a monochromatic color scheme like this one found on HGTV’s site and designed by Susie Harris.  This display could take you from the beginning of fall until you’re ready to swap it out for Christmas decor.

You can also use fabric to decorate.  Try layering it on the dining room table then use the items mentioned above to anchor it and give it a luxurious look.


Are you feeling better about your options to decorate this Thanksgiving? We hope so!

Good luck, have fun and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Classic Cleaners!

– S.O.