Not many are built to perfectly fit the mass produced straight off-the-rack sizing found in most clothing stores but well fitting clothing make a world of difference in one’s appearance, comfort and confidence.

Fortunately, with a little tailoring, you do not have to try to fit the clothing.  The clothing can be modified to fit you.

Do you have an item hanging in the closet right now that you’d wear more if it fit better?  A tailor can alter the item to improve the fit as well as salvage any “older” items hanging in your closet.

The cost of tailoring an item will vary depending on the item, its fabric and the intricacy of the alteration.  But, for something simple like taking up the hemline or taking in the waist it could cost just a few dollars.  A tiny nip and tuck could completely transform the fit of the item so don’t be fearful to get an estimate.

Once receiving an estimate, use this easy formula to help you decide if you should invest in alterations:  Add the cost of the item to the cost of the alteration and divide it by the number of times you’ll wear the item.  Your goal is to get to a 1:1 ratio or below.  This ratio number of one or below means you will invest in the garment no more than what you’re going to get out of it.

For example, if you find a great pair of well made black pants you can wear year round for $20 and it costs $20 to hem and tighten the waist, your investment is $40.  Wear that pair of pants once a week and your tailor ratio is .76.

Classic Cleaners’ alterations services are not limited to repairing tears, hems, and replacing buttons. Our team has experience with more complex alterations to custom fit your wardrobe from neckline and shoulder resizing to modifying the fit and length of a skirt or formal dress.

Our Bash Street location allows you to come in for fittings.  Stop in and consult with our tailor, Ohi Suhre, who has 25 years experience as our on-site Manager of Alterations.  Visit any of our locations and one of our Associates will be happy to take your alterations order.

 – S.O.