If you’re planning on putting your house on the market in the coming months, you know part of getting it ready to show potential buyers is cleaning it from top to bottom. It’s not fun, I know, but a clean crisp home is necessary if you want to appeal to a buyer.

After de-cluttering counter tops, closets, and excess furniture start from top to bottom completing “dry” cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming and sweeping first. Tackle your home task by task not room by room.

Start by dusting all fans, light fixtures, and furniture pieces in every room then go back to sweep, vacuum and mop each room.
You’re going to need to hit every nook and cranny including baseboards and every corner to get all the dirt and cobwebs.
Wipe down appliances inside and out including inside the oven.
Wash the windows, mirrors, blinds and window sills.
Dust and wipe clean the light switches and electricity outlets throughout the house.
Dust and wash all the vent covers and replace filters.
Clean out the fireplace
Wipe down doors, doorknobs and walls too!
Patch holes and re-paint where needed so there are no stains or weird markings on the walls. Everything should look fresh.
Don’t forget the window treatments, bed comforters and area rugs!

If you’ve never had your drapery, area rugs or heavy bedding professionally cleaned (or it’s been a while), that’s where we can help. Your textiles collect dust and odors. You’ve worked hard to clean all areas of your home but if you neglect the drapery, bedding and area rugs, dirt and odors from these items will redistribute on all the other surfaces of your home (especially if you have pets) and you’re back to square one.

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– S.O.