Classic Cleaners has long offered our Wash, Dry, Fold (previously called Family Wash) service to busy families, young professionals, frequent travelers, new Parents, customers with physical limitations – anyone and everyone who would prefer NOT to spend their evenings and weekends washing, drying and folding their laundry.  What does our Wash, Dry, Fold service entail, you ask?  Here’s a few FAQs.

What is Classic Cleaners’ Wash, Dry, Fold?

Our Wash, Dry, Fold service simplifies the chore of laundry for our customers.  Whether you drop off your laundry in large laundry bags we provide, or whether we pick it up for you, free of charge, your laundry is cleaned by a Classic Cleaners trained professional, folded and returned back to you in recyclable boxes.

What clothing is considered Wash, Dry, Fold clothing?

Wash, Dry, Fold clothing is clothing you would normally wash yourself in a washer and dryer.  Generally this is clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, socks, undergarments, sleepwear, etc. that has a care label indicating that the item is safe for the washer and dryer.

Where are my clothes cleaned?

Many of our neighborhood store locations have washers and dryers on site for our employees to launder your items.  If a store location does not have the ability to launder items on site, and if you are a delivery customer, your items are cleaned at our plant at 8071 Knue Road.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to have my laundry cleaned?

No – simply bring your items into the nearest Classic Cleaners location and we will detail your order into our system just like we do dry cleaned items.  Wash, Dry, Fold items are laundered in the order in which they are received and are usually completed by the next business day.  If you are part of our route service, your items will be returned to you the next time your route driver is in your neighborhood.  Our route drivers are in the area twice a week – either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday – days vary by location.

Do I need to provide my own laundry detergent?

No, we use gentle, highly effective laundering methods and the highest-quality detergents, however if you have a preference we can use the detergent and fabric softener of your choice (we retain these for you and inform you when supplies are low).

Do I separate my clothes?

There is no need for you to separate your clothing.  Simply place everything in the bag we provide.  We will look at every item’s care label and follow the instructions on how the item should be laundered.  If a “dry clean only” item or men’s laundered and machine pressed shirt is in your “wash, dry, fold” bag, we will detail them into our system as such and clean them according to their care label.

What if an item has a stain?

When you drop off your items, please let our trained customer service representative know there is an item that needs special care.  If you are a route customer, your route driver is your personal concierge.  You may contact your driver via his/her direct cell phone number any time to go over your order and/or leave special instructions attached to your order/items.

Do you offer detergents for sensitive skin?

We use gentle, highly effective laundering methods and the highest-quality detergents, however if you have a preferred unscented or hypoallergenic detergent, you may provide those for use.  We can retain these for you and inform you when supplies are low.

What if an item specifies “hang to dry”?

We must clean all items as dictated by the manufacturer’s care label in order to maintain an item in like new condition.  If an item has detailed wash and drying instructions, we will send that item to our plant with your dry cleaning and laundry items to appropriately clean it per the care label.

What is the cost of the service?

Pricing for our Wash, Dry, Fold Service is $2.00 per pound with a 10lb minimum.  We will weigh your items before cleaning to determine the cost.

Do you offer coupons or discounts on the Wash, Dry, Fold service?

Throughout the year we offer a limited time offer on our Wash, Dry, Fold service in which a coupon is not needed.  If you are a subscriber to our email newsletter, sent only 16 times a year, occasionally we will have email newsletter only coupons.  We also offer discounts via Facebook specials so be sure to follow us on Facebook for discounts on many of our services including Wash, Dry, Fold throughout the year.

What is the turnaround time on Wash, Dry, Fold items?

The expected turn time is 24-48 hours.

How do I get started?

Visit one of our 21 locations nearest you or sign up for our free pick-up and delivery here or call 317-577-5752.