If you’re ever near 116th & Olio Road in Fishers, stop in and say hi to Deb. She didn’t really want her picture taken but don’t let her photo shyness fool you. She’s extremely outgoing and loves meeting new people.

Deb will celebrate her 10 year anniversary with Classic Cleaners this coming May and for the last 7 years she has managed the store at 11501 Geist Pavilion Drive in Fishers, IN.  Before joining Classic Cleaners, Deb worked as a pharmacy technician and every job prior has always been customer service related.

Today, Deb says the best part about working with Classic Cleaners is the customers.  She’s established amazing rapport and relationships with them over the years.  She goes above and beyond for her customers and has driven items to and from customer’s homes when they’ve been in a pinch.  Some of her customers have become Deb’s friends – she’s even been invited to be a guest at one of her customer’s wedding!

This time of year, Deb is a self-described “Hunters Widow”.  Her Husband of almost 12 years, Todd, spends the fall months hunting deer.  When he’s successful, Deb can cook just about anything with venison.  Most of the time, her guests don’t know it’s deer meat when she whips it up in the form of fajitas, tacos & chili.  In fact, her venison chili won a chili contest last year.

Deb doesn’t hunt but she’s always loved the outdoors.  Growing up in the country in Wabash, Indiana, she was “never inside”.  In the summers she’d play at the river, the reservoir, fish, hike the forest, boat, swim – you name it.  And in the winter she’d ride snowmobiles.  She even fishes and can put a worm on the hook.  Deb isn’t afraid to touch the worm or the fish, but she says she needs plenty of paper towels.  Once a month she still visits her family in Wabash and recently visited to celebrate her Grandfather’s 85th Birthday.

When Deb isn’t working, she’s home spoiling her “kids”:  2 Dogs and 2 Cats.  She loves to curl up with a good book and watch TV and just relax.  On the weekends, Deb and Todd like to go out to a casual dinner at Chili’s where they are known by the same waitress who serves them each time.  In the summer they go to their home-away-from-home at Hidden Paradise Campground where they spend time with a group of regulars that have become like family.  They’re so close as a group that in the winter, when they aren’t able to visit at the campground, the group gets together for an annual Christmas Party.

Are you a customer of Deb’s?  Did you know all this cool stuff about her?  We hope you enjoyed getting to know her.  Thanks, Deb for all your years with Classic Cleaners – and for making your customers feel appreciated each day.

– S.O.