What’s happening with your laundry situation? Can you relate to these laundry quotes?

Stop the madness! We can save you TIME, ENERGY, STRESS, and LAUNDRY GUILT 😉

It’s super easy.

All you have to do is fill a Classic Cleaners’ laundry bag with everything you want washed for one flat rate of $42.00 a bag. Anything you can fit in that bag, we’ll launder it. Yes, undergarments too.

No weighing, measuring or guessing what your invoice will be for the items in the bag.

And – Convenient Pick Up & Delivery! Save time logistically, save gas, and know your items will be returned to you in a matter of days with this time saving service. You can automate your laundry schedule and have items cleaned and folded twice a week, or whenever you choose. Start and stop the service any time.

If you’re worried about not being hands on and in control, be assured:

We treat your garments with care, and we launder according to the care label.
We’ll sort by water temperature, check the pockets, pretreat with stain remover if needed (be sure to point out any stains to us).
If someone on our team sees something in your order that needs to be dry cleaned or hand-washed according to the label, we will be certain that item is treated appropriately.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you have something better to do then laundry?