Between family camping trips and school camps this time of year, we’re guessing your sleeping bags are getting a lot of use.  And a lot of washing!

Here’s the best way to wash your sleeping bags in a top loading washing machine:

  • First, check the care instructions before cleaning.  Many sleeping bags contain down or fiber filling and they will have specific instructions on how best to wash.
  • Wash sleeping bags separately on a gentle cycle.
  • Add detergent to the washer and let it fill partially with warm water.  Then, submerge the sleeping bag in the water to expel air.  Allow the washer to finish filling.
  • Periodically stop the washer, open the lid, and press air from the sleeping bag to help ensure good cleaning.
  • Tumble dry at regular temperatures.
  • You may try adding a clean tennis ball (or dryer balls) to the dryer to fluff up the filling.

If you find the sleeping bag to be too bulky for a home washing machine, you may bring it to us for professional cleaning.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer!  Happy camping!