How to Clean Suede Shoes

hoes can say a lot about a person and if you’re wearing suede shoes, you may be expressing that you’re confident in your style and you aren’t afraid of the extra care it takes to maintain such a shoe.

We say that because there’s a bit of a risk involved in wearing these vulnerable shoes.  Why?  The special finishing techniques used on the suede leather make it much softer and more flexible but it also leaves it porous and susceptible to dirt and grime.

To clean suede shoes, first read the manufacturers directions.  Not all suede is created equal.  Some suede shoes are made of synthetic material so always read the directions first.

You will need:

* Suede Brush
* Suede Eraser
* Sharp Blade
* Sponge
* Towel
* Suede Protector

To remove general dirt and mud:

* Let the shoes dry first then go over the shoes with a clean towel or suede brush * To remove general dirt and mud.
* Go over the entire shoe in one direction only.
* Go over any bad spots with the suede eraser to transfer most spots to the eraser.
* Rub back and forth over a scuff with your suede brush.
* Apply suede protector

To remove water marks:

*   Wet the entire shoe down with a damp rag.
*   Wipe any excess water off with a sponge.
*   Stuff the inside of the shoes with a shoehorn or white tissue to retain their shape while they dry.
*   Once dry, brush them in one direction with a suede brush to restore the nap.
*   Apply suede protector

With the proper care, suede shoes can maintain their appearance for many wears.  And, if you’d like us to clean them for you, we specialize in shoe cleaning for all types of leather.  Check out our page for more information on our shoe cleaning.  Bring them into us or leave them for your route driver, to pick up and deliver back to you for free, along with the rest of your clothing and household cleaning.

– S. O.