The last couple of weeks have brought challenging weather to our local community. Now that it’s warming up briefly and snow is melting, you can see the dirt and debris left behind on the streets, sidewalks, and (most likely) your garage floor. Chances are great you are tracking this into your home and it’s finding it way onto your area rugs.

Area rugs should not be cleaned with the same carpet cleaner you would use on your padded carpet. Area rugs require a more gentle, but effective, approach to cleaning. Attempting to clean on your own runs the risk of causing damage by either scrubbing too hard or using the wrong cleaning solutions and utensils on them.

Before the next cold and snowy weather wave hits, trust your area rugs to trained, certified specialists who will bring the patterns and colors of your area rugs back to their original, like new condition. They will be clean, sanitized and ready for lounging this winter season!

Area rug cleaning prices ranges from $2.05 – $7.00 a square foot depending on the material. Add ons may be applied for extremely soiled rugs, pet odor removal, and deodorizing. Contact us today to quote your area rug cleaning.

– S.O.