Now that you’ve spent days and weeks (okay, maybe a few hours) hunting for the perfect gift to give that hard to buy for person, you need to wrap it. But, since you took your time finding the perfect gift, complimentary gift boxes are nowhere to be found. You want to make a good impression and it’s December 24th so what do you do?

Resist the urge to toss it in the recycled “Happy Birthday” gift bag. Trust us, when giving a gift, whether it be to your Mother-in-Law or someone else, it’s all about presentation. Although it may take a few more minutes, wrapping a gift verses throwing it into a gift bag makes the gift look more carefully chosen and thoughtful. The recipient will immediately feel good about what’s inside.

There are many items laying around the house that can be utilized to wrap your gift. If the item can’t be wrapped without a box or something to protect it, we recommend a cereal box, empty pasta box, a shoe box, a large zip-lock bag, and empty coffee cans.

Once the item is packaged, look around for creative items to be used as wrapping paper such as old maps, brown paper grocery bags, cellophane, art paper, comics, old book pages, foil, a handkerchief or scarf, a festive dishtowel, or even an old (clean) T-shirt.

If you are gifting an item of clothing, roll up the item and wrap some tissue paper around it, leaving enough on both ends to tie with a ribbon. The result is a pretty gift that looks just like a piece of candy.

If you have time for a quick trip to the craft store, top off the gift with interesting decor such as ribbon, a brooch, fabric flowers, strands of cheap plastic beads, and string. If there is no time to stop, don’t fret. Look outside for pine cones, twigs, and acorns which are timely and festive. Or you could re-purpose an old tie, belt, scarf, or sash that you don’t wear anymore.

Your recipient already knows you have a winning personality and a great sense of humor. Show him or her your creative side too.

Happy Wrapping and Happy Holidays from all of us at Classic Cleaners!

– S.O.