Have you avoided the dry cleaners because you dislike that dry cleaning smell?  Or, have you been sensitive or allergic to dry cleaning chemicals in the past.

If so, you can now comfortably dry clean your garment again.  You no longer need to spend hour upon hour cleaning and pressing your clothing. Our Eco Friendly cleaning process your clothing clean and bright with NO ODOR.  We PROMISE!

What is Dry Cleaning?
Dry cleaning is a method of removing stains and dirt from garments and fabric by using little or no water using solvents, or liquids, to perform the cleaning but, with little water.  Thus the term “dry.”  The fluid we use to dry clean items is called SolvonK4.  This solvent is the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly fluid that produces NO ODOR.

How are items Dry Cleaned?
Dry cleaning machines are similar to front load washing machines in that a large tumbling basket is used to facilitate the cleaning process. Garments are placed in this basket, which is partially filled with solvent, and tumbled through the solvent. This agitation and flushing action of the solvent are responsible for the majority of the cleaning.  In 2012 we didn’t just convert our dry cleaning fluid to an Eco-friendly fluid, we also invested in new System K4 dry cleaning machines from Kreussler.  The machines and solvent have the best cleaning abilities of any of the “green” alternatives.

What is the extent of our odor free cleaning abilities?
Since we now know that the dry cleaning process involves many steps, we’ll address the “cleaning” process first. Dry cleaning removes body and food oils, wax, and most things that contain oil. Water-based stains such as soda, coffee, alcohol and perspiration require extra spotting prior to dry cleaning, which is why it’s so important to select a cleaner with great technical skills.  (Stains such as paint, ink, curry and superglue, as well as stains that have aged may not be completely removed).  With our odor free cleaning, not only does it clean exceptionally well, but there are no irritants left behind.  This fluid has tested and proven to not aggravate sensitive skin.  It received the highest rating available from Doctors and professionals in the dermatological community.

The second part of the “process” is the finishing. A quality cleaner can “finish” a garment without incurring shine, fabric and button impressions, crooked pleats and such. A garment can be expertly cleaned but, if the finishing is sub par, the garment can look cheap and the longevity can be compromised.  Many of our dry cleaned items are pressed by hand, ensuring that your items are returned to you in ready to wear condition and in like new condition.

With odor free cleaning, your items are returned to you with no odor, no irritation and WHITER or BRIGHTER than when you brought them to us. That’s right – our odorless cleaning methods are cleaning BETTER than anything we’ve seen in our industry before.

If it’s been awhile since you had your garments professionally cleaned, let us give your items the VIP treatment!