A GREENER Initiative

Classic Cleaners has always been environmentally conscious and used the most environmentally safe products on the market.

We’re excited to announce that we continue to offer exceptional cleaning ability by implementing the new SystemK4, an even better technologically advanced & environmentally friendly dry cleaning fluid!

No one else in and around the Indianapolis market has this great new dry cleaning fluid.  This new fluid has allowed us to help the environment by lowering our energy expenditure while offering the following benefits to you, our valued customer.


  • Dermatologically harmless: This fluid has tested and proven to not aggravate sensitive skin.  It received the highest rating available from Doctors and professionals in the dermatological community.
  • Absolutely odorless: With no odor, those reluctant to dry clean for fear of a chemical smell can now enjoy the benefit of crisp dry cleaned clothing.
  • Colors stay bright & whites come out WHITER compared to when they were cleaned with perc, which was the industry standard for years.
  • Better for the environment: This fluid is a superior cleaner, non toxic and biodegradable.  A Win-Win!!
  • Gentle on leather and furs: Your difficult-to-clean leather and furs can be cleaned gently and safely.

We’re excited and thrilled to offer this to the community.  If you have any questions, please contact us, your free pick up and delivery route driver or ask next time you stop in to any of our locations.


Whiter, Brighter, Greener!

– S.O.