It’s no secret we like clothing clean and crisp.  But even we like to get dirty sometimes.  Especially when it comes to baseball!  And if you’ve ever watched a rookie baseball team of 4-6 year olds, you know that they love playing in the dirt as much as (if not more than) playing baseball.

This year Classic Cleaners sponsored the girls rookie team, “The Bees”, at Fall Creek Little League.  Steve Arnold, General Manager and Partner, says, “As a huge baseball fan (specifically a Cincinnati Reds™ fan), this sponsorship opportunity was a natural fit to be able to contribute to the community we serve”.

The Bees are coached by Derek Williams (left in picture) and Tom Burdick (right).

It’s Derek’s daughter, Kherington’s first year playing organized baseball.  Derek, a sports junkie and fan of baseball, has memories of attending Chicago Cubs™ games with his Father.  Now, as a Father to Kherington, he says he chose to coach her team because he “wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to be able to spend as much time with her as possible”.  The best part about coaching, he says, is “seeing the interaction with her and all of her great teammates. We are blessed to have such a great team this year!”

Tom’s daughter, Kaitlyn, is in her second year of baseball and Tom really enjoys seeing her smile when she plays.  Tom played baseball most of his life (earning a scholarship to play in college) and he’s always wanted to coach his kids.  It’s important to him that the girls “have fun playing baseball while learning the right way to play the game”.  He’s enjoyed watching Kaitlyn and the girls get better this year and seeing the joy on their faces when they hit the ball farther than they did in the beginning of the season.  Tom has enjoyed coaching at Fall Creek this year “because of the quality of the league and the team – and the great parents”.

To see more pictures of The Bees in action, visit our album on Facebook.

– S.O.