Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe and a Clean Crisp Image.  Therefore we offer a variety of shoe care, including shoe shine & repair, alongside our eco friendly dry cleaning and wash, dry fold service.

Our shoe shining service guarantees each shoe is shined by experienced professionals.  Using the highest quality products, we specialize in conditioning, buffing and stain removal.

Our repair service includes replacing your worn out tips, soles, insoles, and heels as well as replace zippers, buckles, velcro and the spikes on your golf shoes.  We can do a total restoration on your shoes including stripping (if needed), re-dying and replacing the shoe strings.

Our shoe care service is available for the following types of shoes:

* Dress and casual shoes
* Sheepskin Boots(UGGS)
* Military shoes
* Cowboy boots
* Work boots
* Combination leather/rubber
* Dance shoes
* Golf shoes

Our shoe care service is easy and convenient to use.  Drop off your shoes with your other cleaning or leave them for your route driver and they will be returned to you looking as good as new.

If you need a repair, please place a specific note with the shoes indicating what you’d like fixed.

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to extending our quality VIP service to your shoes!