Classic Cleaners joined the nation’s top dry cleaners and launderers when they gathered in Richmond this week for a critique of Richmond’s Puritan Cleaners. Their association, called The Round Table of Launderers and Dry Cleaners, conduct a “Fly-In” each year to visit one of its members, see their operation, and set the agenda for their upcoming annual meeting, which will take place in March, 2017. The Round Table consists of seventeen of the nation’s most prominent dry cleaning companies who come together bi-annually to discuss industry trends, successes and failures, and exchange ideas on production, marketing, customer service, and all other aspects of their business. The Fly-In was hosted by Gary Glover, President of Puritan Cleaners.

Classic Cleaners Partners, Steve Arnold and John Arnold (2nd Row; 4th & 5th from right, respectively) attended the Round Table this week. Classic Cleaners is proud to have been a part of The Round Table for a number of years, and each year look forward to networding and sharing ideas with the top dry cleaning companies in nation.

“All of The Round Table participants are of a significant size, so that we can relate to each other’s successes and challenges,” said Mr. Glover. “It’s quite helpful in finding out where you have ‘blinders’ on with your own operation, where you can improve, and where you’re doing well. We’ve also made some good friends from across the country through the years, and we visit one another regularly to see each other’s operation.”

The Round Table (originally called a Sales Managers’ Pow-Wow) was founded in 1940 in Allentown, PA by industry leaders Herb Koch, Lee Workman and Barrett Finn. They moved the conference to NYC for the next 5 years and became known as the Laundry Management Group. In 1950, the name was officially changed to The Round Table Conference and has remained so ever since. Their 78th Annual Meeting will convene in March of 2017, with Gary Glover of Puritan Cleaners chairing the meeting.