With all the festive gatherings and activities coming up these next couple of months, we are anticipating an increase in wine stains. 😉

Many times, if you encounter a wine stain, you can try to remove it at home if you act quickly. The sooner you take care of the stain, when it is fresh, the easier it will be to remove.

No matter how tempted you are, do not rub the fabric. Blot the stain with water (not club soda). Treat with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and rinse with water. If the stain persists, spot with white vinegar and rinse with water. As a last resort, try chlorine bleach or an organic bleach but TEST for colorfastness before treating the entire area.

If it’s white wine and you believe it’s not urgent because you can’t see the stain, remember, heat can cause colorless stains to yellow over time so the next time you pull out the items to use (tablecloth) or wear (garment), the stain may appear in the form of a discoloration to the fabric.

When in doubt, bring it in and let our stain experts tackle the item. It’s our specialty!

– S.O.