If your weekday schedule looks like mine now that school and Fall sports has begun, laundry may be taking a back seat. But it’s a necessity that it be done if you want clean clothing.

If time, or lack thereof, has value to you, try our Wash & Fold Laundry Service. We wash, dry and fold ALL your wardrobe items and return them ready to wear. All you have to do is put the clothing away.

Drop off at our nearest neighborhood location OR include your wash, dry, fold items with your delivery order. (Let us know if you need a bag and your driver will drop one off for you).

For the times you do your laundry yourself, here’s some TIME SAVING TIPS & REMINDERS on how to keep your wardrobe items in like new condition.

Dictate a special laundry hamper for uniforms and other “rush items” that need to be cleaned first, as well as a hamper for “dry clean only” clothes.
Check clothing labels for the best cleaning conditions and techniques. If a label says “dry clean only,” or if you are unsure of how to best clean an item, bring it to US for advice.
Keep a sewing kit and stain stick close by for quick fixes when accidents happen. Be sure to blot a stain rather than rubbing it; this can cause the stain to spread.
Dry jeans inside out, to prevent fading.
Buy the same style and color of socks to make matching during laundry a breeze. And, remember our blog post on laundry mesh bags? Great idea for socks!
Usually you want to use the warmest water that the clothing can tolerate but hot water is only necessary if you are sterilizing your clothing. You can use cold or warm water when laundering to save money on the electric bill.
Sort your whites and colors, even with warm/cold water. Washing whites with colors will cause them look dingy and gray more quickly. If your whites start to get grey or odorous, add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the laundry. It will whiten them up and remove the odor.
Delegate older children to take responsibility for washing their own clothes (I know, I know – you’re thinking: good luck with that). 😉

What do you do to cut down on the stress of the morning rush with your children and their wardrobes?

– S.O.