We’ve had a front loading washing machine for years and we LOVE it. We’re using less water per load and I feel like I can put more laundry in the unit than when I had a top loader. But I noticed early on that it started to get a musty, mildew-y, icky smell. How can it be smelly when it’s constantly in use with cleaning agents?

I found out that in order for the clothing to spin on its side in the washer, there has to be a water-tight seal around the door, something that top-loaders don’t need. That little rubber piece sealing the door has one or two folds in it and moisture was collecting there. It was like a petri dish and a breeding ground for microorganisms and that was causing the unpleasant smell.

To avoid a smelly front loading washing machine, you have to clean the washer too. Here’s how:

•Open the door and using a dry towel, wipe out the inside of the tub and door.  Wipe out the folds of the rubber seal.  You may be surprised to see a pool of water sitting there.  This is where the mold could be growing.  For a real deep clean, you could use a bit of Oxyclean and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before wiping it down with a clean, dry rag.

•Open the small door at the bottom of the washer.  There’s a little rubber tube with a stopper.  Be sure to put a pan or bucket underneath it before removing the stopper.  Remove the stopper and let the water drain into your pan or bucket.  I’ll warn you.  This may be stinky.

•Remove the filter next to the tube and let that water run into your pan or bucket as well.

•Lastly, after every load, leave the door open so the tub can dry completely.  This will decrease the mold build up.  (By the way, my washer’s manufacturers’ instructions advised that but I didn’t read them – oops).

Did you know you were supposed to clean your front loading washing machine?  After completing the process above, did you notice a big difference in cleanliness and smell?  Let us know in the comments.

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– S.O.