Classic Cleaners specializes in cleaning, restoring, and preserving your wedding and formal gowns. Whether you have decided to preserve or sell your wedding dress, the delicate fabrics must be taken care of.  According to Classic’s Wedding Dress restoration specialists, all brides should follow 3 rules for preserving their wedding dress.

Rule 1:

Be aware of the fabric Your bridal shop consultant should be able to advise you of this, there should also be a care label in your wedding gown to reference. Understanding the fabric of your gown will help you troubleshoot if any accidents occur on your special day. For example, when you spill something on artificial fiber, it is much easier to get rid of the stain than if you spill something on a natural fiber such as silk because natural fibers are hollow and absorb the spill.

Rule 2:

Wrap it up Avoid storing your gown in a plastic bag, as plastic cleaning bags don’t allow the garment to breathe and can damage the fabric. If left too long in a plastic bag the gown can yellow and mildew from the trapped moisture. Preserve your gown for the long-haul by visiting Classic Cleaners to clean and preserve your precious keepsake. If you are to store your gown for a short period of time, until you can bring it in to us, wrap it in a cotton garment bag along with your veils, accessories and silk shoes to keep everything together.

Rule 3:

Store Sensibly After we preserve your gown, be mindful that natural fibers such as Silks turn yellow under natural light, humid, or damp areas. Keep your boxed gown laid flat, under your bed or in your closet.

And, as far as your wedding party is concerned…we can take care of them as well.  Contact us today to talk with one of our cleaning specialist.

– S.O.