Available in a wide variety of designs and styles, area rugs are beautiful, stylish, and practical decor for your home.  However, just like wall to wall carpet, if area rugs are left untreated, dirt and other debris will eventually ruin even the highest quality rug.

Typically in high traffic areas such as hallways, entry ways, living rooms and bedrooms, area rugs are collection spots for dirt, allergens, dust, pet dander and hair on a daily basis deep down to the bottom of their fibers.  Even if your rug doesn’t look dirty – it is.

You should vacuum your area rugs weekly but it’s important to have them professionally cleaned once every year or two to keep your rug and home air healthy.  Why?  Because even with weekly vacuuming, there are 3 shocking things still hidden in your area rugs that weekly vacuuming cannot remove.

1.    Pounds and Pounds of embedded soil.  The average 8×10 rug has multiple pounds of embedded soil.  By the time most individuals believe their area rug of that size to look dirty enough to have it professionally cleaned, there could be up to 30 lbs of dirt.  Yes – you read correctly.  In fact, even if your rug doesn’t look dirty, there is probably about 5 pounds of dirt and allergens trapped in the fibers.

2.    Moisture, filth and damaging sediments sitting in the pad.  Everyday your area rugs are collecting dirt/allergens deep down to the bottom of their fibers.  Even if you vacuum and spot clean, the pad holds an enormous amount of debris that can only be removed by a professional.

3.    Pet Urine Crystals.  If you have pets it’s probable that even after blotting and spot cleaning after one has had an accident, there are still urine crystals sitting in the rug.  The crystals bind to the rug fibers and are hard to get rid of.  Why should you be worried about pet urine crystals?  Because the longer the urine crystals remain in the rug, you’ll continue to notice odors and damage to the fibers and eventually permanent damage to the rug.

A regular area rug cleaning and maintenance routine will take care of, dirt, moisture, pet dander, accidents, stains, urine crystals and odors.

Classic Cleaners will pick up your area rugs and transport them to professional facilities for cleaning.  You can also drop them off at any of our locations.  We have the right supplies, techniques, methods and processes to clean your area rugs thoroughly, without damaging them and without harsh chemicals that could harm the precious rugs.

Rugs are always tested prior to cleaning to make sure the dyes do not bleed and the cleaning process is appropriate to the specific rug. Area rugs can certainly be well maintained for many years even with pets in the home.

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– S.O.