Dee Godwin just celebrated her 25th year with Classic Cleaners in September!  Dee has been with Classic Cleaners for 25 of the 27 years Classic Cleaners has been in business so she’s met a lot of people, had some memorable experiences and seen many changes in the dry cleaning business.  Most notably, her pay rate!  When Dee started with Classic Cleaners in September 1987, the average pay rate was around $3.85 an hour!

We spoke with Dee about her favorite type of challenge on the job, removing spots, in “The World According to Dee” blog post in 2010.  This month we thought it’d be fun to put her on the spot again in honor of her 25 years with Classic Cleaners.

Dee (full name Delores Ann Godwin) oversees the employees at 9 of our 17 stores in Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers .  Each day Dee travels to and from her many stores and what she enjoys most about her day to day activities is meeting our customers.  If you’ve ever met Dee, you will notice that she is always smiling so it’s no surprise that the first thing she notices about other people are their smiles.

Dee claims she doesn’t have a special talent but she’s known for her ability to remove troublesome spots on clothing with her favorite tool, the spotting gun.  Her most memorable experience over all the years was when she was able to remove spots from one of our customer’s wedding gown days before her wedding.

Dee appreciates how the dry cleaning business has changed with regard to newer and better cleaning fluids and the more high tech equipment available for cleaning garments as compared to 25 years ago.

On a personal level, we learned if Dee could be given ANY gift, it would be the gift of youth.  What she remembers most about being a kid is she was always playing, especially with her favorite toys, her dolls.  These days for fun she reads, does crossword puzzles and collects Lladro figurines.  She’s seen every episode of The Golden Girls and says it’s her favorite show of all time. She could watch it over and over again.

Married to her Husband, James, for almost 50 years, Dee would like to someday vacation to Israel with him.

Happy Silver Anniversary, Dee!  Thank you so much for your dedication to your career at Classic Cleaners!

– S. O.