Wedding Gowns

Bridal Services

While you’re busy with the details of planning the wedding, let us care for the details of your wedding attire. Whether it’s before the wedding, or after, our bridal services keep dresses in ready-to-celebrate condition. As the only dry cleaning company in the Indianapolis area endorsed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we take pride in staying on top of the latest trends in wedding dress design and we ensure that our team members are trained to properly care for even the most intricately designed gowns .

We’re experts in caring for your gown before the wedding, including alterations, and preserving the gown while you’re away on your honeymoon

Visit us at 8071 Knue Road, Indianapolis, 46250 (across from Castleton Mall) for all your wedding gown needs.

Gown Restoration

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return your grandmother’s, your mother’s or your own treasured wedding gown to its former beauty? Our restoration experts regularly work miracles, restoring the pure white and cream colors of gowns that have been yellow for decades.

Heirloom Services

You can set the holiday dinner table with your great grandmother’s lace napkins or present your son with his grandfather’s military uniform. To restore and preserve your treasured family heirlooms, we employ the same advanced technologies and meticulous methods proven in our wedding gown restoration and MuseumCare™ preservation process.

We carefully clean, treat and repair your heirlooms, preparing them for immediate use or preserving them for generations to come. Heirlooms that we have restored and preserved include:

    • Wedding gowns
    • Bridesmaid gowns
    • Christening dresses
    • Prom gowns
    • Evening gowns
    • Gloves
    • Vintage garments of all types
    • Nurse uniforms and headwear
    • Military uniforms and headwear
    • Other ceremonial dresses, suits and uniforms
    • Doll clothing
    • Decorative embroidery
    • Table linens and coverings
    • Bed linens and coverings
    • Beaded and embroidered pillow cases
    • Quilts


Visit us at 8071 Knue Road, Indianapolis, 46250 (across from Castleton Mall) for all your wedding gown needs.