Shirt Laundering

Cold water for longer wear

We launder in cold water to place the lowest amount of stress on the garment. Our advanced equipment and detergents makes cold washing possible.

Power in enzymes

Our premium laundry detergent is enzyme-based, making your whites whiter and colors brighter. This detergent is especially good at breaking up grease, oil, and food stains. Cheaper detergents (including most detergents for use in the home) simply cannot produce these results.

The high-tech advantage

We have a wide array of specialized finishing machines with which we give pleats, cuffs, collars, sleeves and every other part of your garment the attention they need.

A safe trip home

To help protect your hanging items during their trip back home, we use a state-of-the-art automatic bagger that identifies the length of your garment and cuts the bag with an additional 7 inches of protective plastic.

Shirt Button Guarantee

Should there be any broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts, we sew on new ones. In fact, we guarantee that there will be no broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts you receive back from us, or we will clean three additional shirts for free.

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