Leathers, Handbags, Luggage, & Specialty Items

Your investment in leather and other specialty items doesn’t stop after purchase. Specialized care and cleaning are required to maintain the appearance and extend the life of these valuable garments.

We clean leather and suede coats, jackets, handbags, luggage and shoes.

Doing what’s best

We carefully inspect the condition of your suede and leather garments, checking for stains and damage to determine the safest method of treating and cleaning them. We then clean your garments in our carefully balanced system of detergents and solvents to ensure their natural oils are retained.

The perfect finish

After cleaning, we reshape your garment and, if necessary, our expert dyers will mix a blend of color to give your garment a smooth, balanced finish. All of this meticulous work is included in the cleaning price.

Our advice to you

We recommend cleaning all leather garments as soon as any stains are noticed or directly after the season has ended. Doing so allows you to store the garments in good condition and ensure they look beautiful for the next season and many seasons to come.