Dry Cleaning & Stain Removal

Our Detailed Dry Cleaning entails:

    • Attention to fragile fabrics.
    • Cleaning by hand if necessary.
    • Filtering and re-distilling our dry cleaning solvents.
    • Added sizing to give garments extra body and a luxurious finish.
    • Weighing each load of clothes before laundering and dry cleaning.
    • A special steam tunnel that gives golf shirts a perfect, soft finish.
    • Neckties pressed with a perfect rolled edge.
    • Repairing loose buttons and fasteners, and open seams.
    • Tissue in the sleeves of blouses and suit coats, in the folds of sweaters, and in the pleats of skirts after cleaning.
    • State-of-the-art automatic bagger that cuts the bag with an additional 7 inches of protective plastic.
    • If there are any stains or damaged areas that we cannot remove or repair, we attach a label to the garment to inform you of the reason.

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Stain Removal

Classic Cleaners’ specialists identify and scientifically remove a stain with just the right method or combination of methods. It is a process that requires a trained eye, a careful hand and the best technique for each individual job. With decades of combined experience, our specialists can remove most of even the worst stains without damaging your garment.

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Stains that we regularly encounter and usually defeat include:

    • Oil and grease
    • Dirt and grass
    • Dried Blood and bodily fluids
    • Ink, dye and paint
    • Lipstick and cosmetics
    • Beverage and food stains


Our specialists have a wide range of tools at their disposal, including:

    • Steam guns
    • Compressed air for drying
    • Specialized brushes
    • Numerous stain-fighting solutions


Advanced stain removal is also an important part of the following services:

    • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
    • Wedding gown restoration
    • Heirloom restoration and preservation
    • Bedding cleaning
    • Window treatment cleaning
    • Table linen cleaning


If you have a stained garment or item, don’t despair. Please bring it to one of our locations for special attention.