Earn Free Cleaning

Do you have Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors, and Family who still haven’t discovered how awesome we are? Refer them to us and earn FREE dry cleaning!

How it works:

Our program allows you to give a “$25.00 Off Your First Order” coupon to any individual whom is currently not a Classic Cleaners Customer. Once the new Customer begins to use our service, you will begin earning 10% of his or her total cleaning costs for ONE FULL YEAR.

For example: The average dry cleaning customer spends about $500 a year on dry cleaning. That means if your referral spends $500 in his or her first year as our customer, you could earn a total of $50.00 in cash credit towards your dry cleaning. Of course, if your referral spends more than that, you will earn more. There is no cap to how much you could earn.

Also, you are not limited to the number of individuals you refer so the opportunity to earn cash credit toward your cleaning is ENDLESS!

“How do I get the coupon”, you ask?

Stop into any of our locations and ask the customer service representative to print a NEW CUSTOMER REFERRAL coupon. This coupon will have your name as the “Referring Customer” and a special bar code that identifies the referral coupon is from you.

Hand the coupon to your co-worker, neighbor, friend, relative, special someone or anyone who is NOT currently a Classic Cleaners Customer.

Your referral can now take the coupon to ANY of our stores and receive $25.00 off his or her first order of dry cleaning. Your referral will be entered into our system and every time your referral places an order with us, you will earn 10% of his or her total and we will issue a credit to your account.

It’s that easy!